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Project Description
WowAceUpdater is a tool for World of Warcraft players who use the Ace family of addons ( It keeps track of what addons are installed and will update them if new versions are available.

You may use it for whatever you like as long as you adhere to the following.
  1. You cannot distribute modified copies which have the name "WAU", "Ace", "WowAce", or use the spade icon.
  2. You cannot distribute modified copies which imply that the version is "Free", "Ad Free", etc. You can however use "Open" to indicate that the version is open source (but not "free").
  3. You must change the user-agent string if you redistribute the application
  4. You must credit PProvost and Sylvaan as the original authors, but you should not imply that either of us is the author of your modified version.
  5. You should point the help menu option choices to your own site.
  6. You need to show the "This version will not auto-update" message in the output window if your modified copy updates from (if you point it to a private site such as a guild site, then this doesn't apply)

Everything you need to build is checked in, incl a vs 2008 solution file.

Official thread:

Out of date wiki:

Old SF.NET Page:

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